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Dear Students and Parents,

We hope each one of you is safe and healthy at home. The current situation has forced us to pause our regular offline coaching, but student’s education is our first priority. So, we have moved to online teaching mode which will ensure that the learning continues in effective manner. This is how we are ensuring effective learning in MD’s Physics Classes:

1. Teaching through live, online platform

2. Providing digitized study material

3. Regularly scheduling online tests

4. Consistently helping students to resolve their problems

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Director M. D. Deshpande( M. Sc. (Phyics) Pune University -15 Years of Experience )

Director M. D. Deshpande

The MD’S Physics class help you to understand the basic and master the subject. MD’S bring you Video Lectures for class 11th and 12th to help you better understand and learn the subject. Physics is lovely subject but can also be difficult to master. Physics forms the base of many scientific subject that student take later in life.

The MD’S Physics class provide you unlimited access for Online Test. We also bring you full solution of H. C. Verma Textbook. Daily Live MCQ solutions for 11th and 12th JEE/NEET(Main And Advance).


What Our Students Have to Say

My experience with MD'S Classes was superb. The lectures were detailed and interactive. These lectures have improved my thinking skill, ability and given me knowledge. All the concepts are taken one by one and are well explained. The multimedia lectures are very good and amazing.
Mayur Alandkar
System Engineer
Good environment in class!!! It has been a very good experience for me and concepts are getting cleared.Personal attention is given. I enjoy coming here. Sir teach in such a way that we all understand it very clearly.
Namrat Deshmukh
IT Engineer
Superb class...Good practice for MCQ... Excellent Teaching.... No questions can be raised about the level of teaching and values here.
Mrunali Joshi
When I joined MD Physics classes for 12th my knowledge about physics and understanding was bad. I was barely able to solve questions on my own .But after paying attention in classes and the study material I saw progress. One of the best thing I liked about the classes was one to one session that I had with sir. I asked smallest doubt that I had and he always with calmness explained me. Also not only he solved doubts and taught physics but also kept us motivated all the time . Thank you sir for all your support and guidance in those years.
school book, binder, folder
Advait Lote
Student of MD's Physics Classes